FY 2021 Grants

$1.2 M

FY 2020 Grants

$11 M

Grants Since Inception

How We Fund

We believe in research and intelligence gathering, this is why we spend years learning and listening before making our grant allocations. We focus on building partnerships with multiple stakeholders and developing relationships that work for all parties involved. We don’t accept applications or hold open calls, we’d rather we meet you in the field, build a relationship and then discuss how might we work together.

You can explore further by watching the video above or do a deeper dive into our process.

Featured Case Studies

We have three types of grants:

Conconi Legacy Grant

Multi-year grant, reserved for our core granting priorities.

Conconi Challenge Grant

A one-time matching campaign, mostly used for the core granting priorities to kick start a new initiative or build awareness. Occasionally, we will use this in the context of the innovation grant.

Conconi Innovation Grant

A catalytic grant designed to spark applied research and innovation. Can be structured as Conconi Challenge (match) or Conconi Legacy (multi-year) or both.

Conconi Challenge

Health Care



Conconi Challenge

Health Care

St. Paul’s Foundation


Conconi Innovation

Health Care

BC Cancer Foundation — PATH


Conconi Innovation

Social Services, Health Care



Conconi Challenge

Health Care, Social Services



Conconi Legacy

Social Services

YWCA Greater Vancouver — Crabtree Corner


Conconi Challenge

Health Care

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice


Conconi Legacy

Social Services

A Way Home Kamloops


Impact Investments

In addition to supporting charitable organizations via grants, we also make equity investments in companies we believe have the potential to radically improve quality of life. Our criteria is that these should be businesses who are doing work that results in some form of public benefit. Learn more about our direct and fund investments.