PATH: BC Cancer Foundation


BC Cancer with its talent, expertise and technology is leading the Personalized Approaches in the Treatment of Head and Neck Cancers (PATH) trial. We partnered with BC Cancer Foundation to help fundraise for this project.


The PATH trial is an innovative way to improve patient outcomes. Through PATH, BC CAN as a global leader in genomics, leverages its unique resources to design and deliver a better solution to the current standard of care.


Imagine if at the time of diagnosis a tumor sample is taken and studied to identify if it will respond to radiation treatment. If not, the same data analytics could suggest alternative, personalized treatment options. The current standard of care to treat head and neck cancers is radiation treatment, with unpredictable results. In recognition of this treatment gap, PATH was created. PATH allows for the leveraging of local expertise to solve this unknown problem, and presents real-time solutions.

Wild Card

The wild card is Jess Ketchum, the former chair of the BC Cancer Foundation. It was his leadership and Bob Conconi’s personal history that motivated us to contribute. Knowledge gained through PATH will be first in the world, and benefit BC patients first