The TransForm Partnership on Integrated Community Care, is a joint initiative of foundations in Europe and Canada that aims to put the community at the centre of integrated primary care. It seeks to combine strengths-based and needs-based approaches to enabling communities to develop their own models for caring for their people.


From 2018 to 2021, three transnational conferences – with accompanying site visit programs were organized in Europe and Canada. Learnings from these along with the mapping exercise that took place prior to the conference were synthesized into a report titled ICC 4 All: New Principles of Care. This report is used as a basis for a call for applications to support current Integrated Community Care projects with an eye for the future.


The overarching aim of the project is to trigger the interest of and inspire policy-makers and practitioners to foster integrated community care through conferences, site visits and case studies dissemination. The ultimate goal is to mobilize change at policy and practice level.


Connecting the ‘national’ and ‘international’: knowledge-sharing across countries and among national partners working on ICC-type initiatives has been instrumental in mainstreaming a common vision. Despite our unique contexts there are a number of similarities and learnings to take-away from each other, not to mention the power in numbers.