We’d like to thank Jess Ketchum for his leadership as an ambassador for Personalized Approaches in the Treatment of Head and Neck Cancers (PATH). Bob Conconi’s personal battle with head and neck cancer [twice] inspired the Conconi Family Foundation to join forces with Jess in supporting this important work together with BC Cancer Foundation.
The problem:
The current standard of care is radiation therapy treatment, however it is very difficult to predict which H+N cancers will respond to treatment, some might even get worse or reoccur.
The solution:
The PATH trial is an innovative way to improve patient outcomes. Through PATH, BC CAN as a global leader in genomics, leverage its  unique resources to design and deliver a better solution to the current standard of care.
Imagine if:
at the time of diagnosis a tumour sample is taken and studied to identify if it will respond to radiation treatment. If not, the same data analytics could suggest alternative, personalized treatment options.
The PATH analytics could all happen in real-time therefore helping reduce treatment failure and introduce new personalized drug treatment to those patients who currently don’t have alternative options.
Knowledge gained through PATH will be first in the world and will benefit B.C. patients first! You can donate HERE.

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