Clubhouse 36: The Surrey School District


Under the umbrella of The Surrey School District, and in partnership with YMCA Clubhouse 36 is a safe and nurturing gathering place for kids aged 6-12 to come together and reach their fullest potential through learning, adventure and exploration.


It is a safe and accessible out of school program, at no cost to the families. The program is very responsive to the needs of children and families it supports and consequently it actively evolves. Since inception, 300 children have accessed Clubhouse 36.


Clubhouse 36 is supported by local families and businesses with a passion for community, learning and health. There was an obvious gap and a need for an out-of-school program in Surrey. Clubhouse 36 was established in partnership with the Surrey School Board and with financial support from The Conconi Family Foundation, The Sedin Family Foundation, Westland Insurance and Bosa Properties.


Together with the partners, The Conconi Family Foundation helped in developing and establishing the brand of Clubhouse 36 as well as production of a video material to help launch the program.