With autumn quickly approaching, schedules are getting busier. We have curated a list of our top five podcasts to keep your mind sharp this fall with our philanthropist’s guide to podcasts from our very own Executive Director, Sanja Simic.

  1. Returns on Investment by Impact Alpha

What is “impact investing”? It is impossible to inhabit the philanthropy space and not hear the words “impact investing”. It is also difficult to define what it actually means and even more difficult to put it in practice at scale. Returns on Investment offers some food for thought. If you’ve ever been confused by this term, Brian Walsh’s Returns on Investment answers all the questions you might have. The podcast investigates how capital impacts our common good and examine the surprising forces behind the successful business strategy.

2. Masters of Scale by Reid Hoffman

Co-founder of LinkedIn and renowned Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor, Reid Hoffman is an expert in the organizational growth of successful companies. Masters of Scale offers practical insights from some unique entrepreneurs, and yes, some elements do apply to philanthropy as well. Each episode of this podcast tests his theories with industry moguls. With three seasons of famous founders, Hoffman gives insights that we typically do not have access to. Our favourite episode is Hoffman’s interview with former Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz.

3. WorkLife by Adam Grant

Bestselling author, organizational psychologist, and university professor, Adam Grant studies the keys to success and motivation. If you are curious about the work-life subject, how we show up in these different aspects of our lives and how to bring out our best selves, this is a great curious inquiry in that process. Grant ensures that you’ll never look at your job in the same way again by offering new perspectives on trying topics like work-life balance, criticism in the workplace, and embracing your situation.


The Core Framework of The Theory of Foundation.


4. Theory of the Foundation by GrantCraft

The Theory of Foundation explores the core roles and purposes of different foundations and offers a guide on charter, social company, and operating capability. RLCF spent the last year looking inward, re-examining and reflecting on our own practices. This is a helpful podcast series for anyone on the same path. Learn about the implications external landscape changes have on the framework of foundations.


Thinking Allowed Host, Laurie Taylor.


  1. Thinking Allowed by BBC

Hosted by the acclaimed sociologist, Laurie Taylor, Thinking Allowed explores topics that are kept quiet, such as populism and sensory landscape. Taylor brings a charming, introspective point of view in order to examine the little things we often overlook as being insignificant in our everyday thinking but contribute to a greater unconscious mindset. Thinking Allowed is a brilliant, mind-expanding mirror into societies and social structures of the past present and the future.

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