As you may know and remember, adolescence is about self-discovery and developing self-identity. We are right at the thick of it. For that reason, we asked Robert Conconi to share what the past 15 years have been like and what do we have to look forward to when it comes to the future work of the Foundation. And because it’s impossible to put 15 years into a short written form, we’ll share with you some letters from Bob.

Part 1: The Why

I often get asked WHY? Why set up a foundation, why give away funds and do it in such a way? Maybe now is the time to dig into that why? First off, I’ve been privileged to accumulate more than I need. Diane and I spoke about this and decided we should do something with the “extra” to bring a lasting benefit to others. We started small, informal, without a clear path forward just the intention to give back.

Again, the question why pops up: Why give back? Diane often says we all are teachers, every one of us is a teacher. I’ve had many teachers in my life, family, friends, Diane, my children. I’ve been raised in a way that emphasized saying please and thank you. The Foundation is just our way of saying thank you. By giving back to the community that enabled our success we get to say thank you. It’s as simple as that.

There is also another reason. A more personal if you will, one tied to legacy and the meaning of our existence. There is only so much a single person can do on their own, the impact we can have is limited by our capacity and lifespan. The foundation is a way of multiplying my own impact and motivating and encouraging others to activate. The hope is that the ending result is an impact that extends beyond my lifetime or any single person. It‘s about the collective and what we can do for the collective.

Lastly, I hope I have managed to pass on the WHY to my children. I hope I am able to be the “teacher” in this context. I believe giving is something taught it families, it is a practice, it gets deepened and developed over time.

And speaking of time, in the next blog I will reflect on the time passed and some of the highlights and lessons of the past 15 years, so stay tuned!

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