Welcome to our RLCF sector series, where we will be talking about the organizations the Foundation supports, and why. As you might already know, RLCF supports charities and organizations the areas of health, poverty, education and the arts. This week, we’ll be looking at the area of economic security, what’s happening in BC, how RLCF is helping and how British Columbians can help your local communities and charities.


According to a study released by Statistics Canada, 1 in 10 British Columbians live in poverty, equating to 469,000 people struggling to make ends meet. On top of that, the child-poverty rate has continued to climb in BC, reaching 20.6 percent in 2012, 25 years after the House of Commons resolved to eliminate child-poverty in the country. Yet British Columbia does not have a poverty reduction plan in place to directly tackle this issue.

Numbers like this can’t and shouldn’t be ignored. We believe everyone deserves a chance in life, regardless of their circumstances. This is why RLCF has chosen to give over $1.5 million in grants since 2007, all directed towards helping BC families gain economic security. Half of these grants went to Greater Vancouver charities, and 85 percent of all poverty related grants went to a BC registered charity, including Greater Vancouver, Interior BC, and the Gulf Islands.

One of our most successful partnerships has been with Covenant House Vancouver. We partnered with them for our Conconi Challenge last spring, offering to match up to $150,000 in donations. Within a month, the community met our challenge and helped us reach our goal! All money raised went to helping at-risk youth for full and permanent transition off the streets.

How can you help?

RLCF has partnered with many organizations in our fight to provide economic security for all BC residents. Interested in getting involved? Here are just a few of the charities we donate to and how you can volunteer your time:

Aboriginal Mother Centre Society

The centre is dedicated to moving mothers and children off the street by providing them with the support, tools and resources they need to succeed. To find out how you can help, visit their website.

Kamloops Food Bank and Greater Vancouver Food Bank

We’ve been supporting these charities since 2006. You can apply to volunteer with the Kamloops Food bank, or host your own food drive with the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.

Food bank

Abraham’s Lodge and Care Society

This William’s Lake hostel and emergency dormitory believes everyone deserves the right to shelter, food and care on an equal basis. You can donate to this cause here.

Covenant House Vancouver

The Conconi family has been involved with Covenant House for years, with RLCF working with them since 2013. Over 1,500 street-involved youth come to CHV every year to find sanctuary. To be one of the 180 volunteers or to donate, visit their website.

Participants of last year's Covenant House Sleep Out

Participants of last year’s Covenant House Sleep Out

Operation Nicaragua

RLCF has been supporting Operation Nicaragua since 2009, including a recent trip to see how we can continue to help. If you’re living in Kamloops, you can bring much-needed items to the Kamloops Fire Department on Monday nights.

Executive Director Sanja, Bob, and Diane on their most recent trip to Nicaragua

Executive Director Sanja, Bob, and Diane on their most recent trip to Nicaragua


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