Blog Post: Conconi Family Foundations is pleased to announce $1.2 million gift to the BC Cancer Foundation

March 14, 2019

Today, we are thrilled to announce $1.2 million donation to the BC Cancer Foundation. This gift will support Ct DNA work, where a drop of blood has the potential to revolutionize personalized cancer treatments. Here are six reasons why we decided to back this work.

  • There is a lot that is still unknown about cancers.
  • One thing we know is that cancer sheds its DNA, which then circulates in our blood, the so-called circulating tutor DNA, or Ct DNA for short.
  • The scans to detect ct DNA are available to us today through a simple blood test and can be safely repeated on a regular basis.
  • Tracking this Ct DNA tells us a story about how the cancer is changing over time.
  • This could be extremely valuable information to adjust and improve patient treatment plans, track treatment progress and potentially even screen for cancer early on – in almost real time!
  • It’s hard to imagine what that looks like compared to the much slower and clunkier patient journey today. If there is a place for data to be a positive disruptor we believe this is it. The insights this data will provide could be life-saving.

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