Hi everyone! 

While this might not be a big surprise if you follow us on social media, we are so excited to announce that we have started a video series showcasing our journey through systems change. Sanja & I are incredibly excited to have begun this video project, and are looking forward to bringing you all along on this adventure. 

To house our new video series, we have added a video gallery to our website. In the gallery, you’ll be able to access all our video content and learn more about the partners we work with. 

To kick off the start of our video series & showcase our brand new video gallery, I thought I would provide a bit of a reflection on what it was for me to participate in the filming process! 

“Okay Meagan, we’re going to start filming in 3,2,1.” 

I nodded my head, actively stopping myself from nervously twiddling my fingers. Okay, deep breath and just respond to the question clearly and concisely. 

When I signed my employment offer with the Conconi Family Foundation, never did I imagine I would be on the recording side of the camera. It wasn’t until Sanja told me about the Foundation’s plans to film a video series did I realize that I would be involved in not only the planning, but also the video content. While this opportunity originally invoked feelings of excitement & enthusiasm, it also brought on feelings of nervousness. How will I respond to the questions? Will my answers be okay? Will I articulate myself clearly? How is the lighting going to look? All of these thoughts quickly vanished through a reassuring conversation with Sanja and Jess Fraser, owner of Section2 (the amazing production company that’s helped us create our video series).  

As someone who enjoys watching documentaries and mini video series on social media, it seemed surreal to know I would be involved in the Foundations video series and their story. Let’s just say, I’ve gained a new appreciation for the video content I watch, with a new understanding of the hard work and substantial planning that goes into the filming, producing, and editing.   

It’s my hope that the video series will give viewers a glimpse into the Foundation, and highlight the amazing work being completed by our partners. I find myself in awe of the inspiring and innovative projects and people we work with, and I’m looking forward to continuing to share this with everyone. 

I’m extremely happy to share that we are currently working on our second instalment in the video series, and I hope to provide some more behind the scenes content soon! 

Stay tuned! 

All my best, 


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