The aging vlogger

Many of you have by now met our self proclaimed ‘aging vlogger’ Alisdair. Isn’t he magnificent? We think he has a bright future as a vlogger, but more than anything we are deeply grateful he’s agreed to help us share our work. 

The vlog series

Until Alisdair came along we kept our work close and closed. He helped us lift that curtain and introduce you, our viewer, to some elements of what goes on behind the scenes. We have to say telling the story has been a learning experience for all of us, one that inspired us to lean in and out of our comfort. It also inspired us to go a step beyond the vlogs.

The learning series

Now, don’t worry the vlogs are here to stay, we have some fun in store and soon to be shared. However, in addition, we do have a new format to announce. We call it Alisdair goes back to school. Here with our partners, collaborators and co-conspirators Alisdair will discuss some of the important topics as well as ‘industry jargon’. The intention is to unpack definitions, concepts, ideas, practices and much much more. 

So if you’ve got some time and are keen to learn more, we invite you to go back to school with Alisdair. Part 1 of this series is out now – learn what is integrated community care.

All our best,

Sanja and Meagan

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