Results are in and Pender Island residents and community groups raised $100,750 towards the advanced Fire/Rescue training facility (see press release here). We are so thrilled with the results, which when combined with the RLCF contributions add up to $210,750. These funds allow for the completion of the second phase of the project. There is still lots of work (and fundraising) ahead of us before we can have a complete training structure at the Fire Hall #1. If you are interested in supporting the project we encourage you to contact the Pender Island Fire Protection Society.

We had a chance to spend a day with the Fire and Rescue team and some residents who came out for the Open House on October 10th. A big thank you to all the firefighters and the fire fox team – you were great hosts! We learned first hand the importance of affordable, regular and complex training to ensure that our volunteer firefighters are the best they can be. We have to remember that these individuals are not career firefighters, they all have regular day jobs, yet they chose to put their lives on the line to serve their communities. What we can do in return is set them up for success by providing them with necessary tools to keep us, our families, our properties, and of course themselves – safe.

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