• Measure what matters the most for community health and wellbeing
  • Engage in the continuous monitoring and evaluation of  services that are being provided within the community.
  • Adjust programs and service delivery based on learnings
To develop and improve how effective health and social programs are, it’s important that we review how the services are being provided and received among the community. This technique is referred to as principles focused developmental evaluation. The developmental component of evaluation can be applied during the process of chance, instead of after the fact. This positions organizations to be more agile in real time. ICC recognizes that there is a need to continuously evaluate and monitor how our systems are performing so we can react and adapt to the findings. Principle focused evaluation allows us to do just that. The aim is to understand not only how many people are being treated, but also how people feel about the care they receive, and ensures we are measuring the things that matter the most to the people actually receiving the care.
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