With one month remaining in our Conconi Canuck Place Challenge, we wanted to take a look at exactly what paediatric palliative care is, and how important it is to the families and children that use Canuck Place. This week, Bob Conconi’s daughter and current Nursing student Victoria Conconi writes about her experience with these invaluable services.


I began my studies in nursing in the fall of 2011 with a clear interest in end of life care. Over the last four years, I have had a multitude of wonderful experiences in my clinical experience, but my experience with paediatric palliative care was both educational and remarkable.

There are several distinct differences between end of life care in paediatric settings and in adult settings. Not only is there some intuitive difference between the death of a child and that of an adult, but the actual care provided in paediatric palliative care is very different than what many expect to receive. Many of these children will not, in fact, die while receiving palliative care, but are rather faced with impairments or conditions that will greatly impact their short and long-term quality of life. It is an important distinction to make, as much of the care provided by teams, such as that at Canuck Place, is long-term, working with both patients and families in order to improve quality of life for the entire family for both the present and future. This care may include end-of-life care, bereavement services, pain and symptom management, and respite care, and can span across many years depending on the needs of the child and family in question. For many families coping with potentially life-threatening diagnoses and their consequences, these services are an invaluable resource that simply cannot be replaced.

By supporting Canuck Place, you are supporting the growth of an incredibly important resource, both within the Greater Vancouver community and beyond. Their efforts to expand their reach and improve the care they can provide to our province are truly commendable, and are worth every penny you can provide.

On behalf of the Robert L. Conconi Foundation, I thank you for your consideration in supporting this amazing and worthwhile cause.

Victoria Conconi

McGill University – Ingram School of Nursing

BScN 2016 (expected)

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