After announcing our Conconi Canuck Place Challenge on June 8th, we have been taking a closer look at Canuck Place Children’s Hospice to learn more about the critical care provided to BC’s sickest children and their families.

With only two weeks left to donate, we wanted to share with you the story of the Ismirnioglou family, and how Canuck Place helped make the hardest time in their lives a little bit easier.


In December 2009, Joshua was just days away from his 11th birthday when he was diagnosed with Rhabdomayosarcoma, a relatively rare form of cancer that begins as a malignant tumor in the muscle cells. Joshua underwent treatment for a few years, but unfortunately the cancer returned in 2012.

Once radiation was no longer a treatment option for Josh, Canuck Place managed his palliative care. During Josh’s stays at Canuck Place, the entire family could be together. His sister, Monica, was able to keep up with her schooling, while still spending time with him. The family dog even joined them at Canuck Place.

When Joshua’s illness progressed in 2013, he wanted to spend his time at home. Canuck Place was able to provide home visits from nurse practitioners to support the medical care he required at home. One day, Joshua was having a hard time breathing. Canuck Place Nurse Camara came that day to take over his medical needs, allowing his mother Cheryle to hold him, and to simply be his mother. Canuck Place allowed Josh to be at home in his happiest place, surrounded by the family that loved him.

The Ismirnioglou family’s touching story is one of many that happen inside and outside the walls of Canuck Place every day through provincial outreach programs and in-hospice care. Their experience is our inspiration and motivation for supporting and partnering with Canuck Place Children’s Hospice. We want to help ensure all children and families in BC have access to the best possible support, when they need it the most. You can help by donating to Canuck Place, and we will match all donations, dollar-for-dollar, up until July 31st.

You can donate to Canuck Place here, or call them at 1-800-882-2288.

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