Did you know that over 2,000 Canadians are diagnosed with liver cancer every year? Over the last decade it has become one of the fastest growing and asymptomatic forms of cancer in Canada.

With these staggering statistics, the RLCF wanted to kick off it’s first charity profile series with a foundation who’s mission is to reduce the incidence and impact of liver disease by providing support for research and education into the disease: The Canadian Liver Foundation.

About The Canadian Liver Foundation…

Founded in 1969 by a group of doctors and business leaders concerned about the increasing incidence of liver disease, the Canadian Liver Foundation (CLF) was the first organization in the world devoted to providing support for research and education into all forms of liver disease.

What they do…

The mission of the CLF is to reduce the incidence and impact of liver disease by providing support for research and education into causes, diagnoses, prevention, and treatment. They are committed to promoting liver health and providing hope to people living with liver disease through:

  • Investment in liver research
  • Sharing the knowledge gained through liver research with the medical community and the public
  • Delivering liver health education and awareness programs to the community
  • Delivering patient support programs
  • Advocating for liver health for all Canadians

Why they do it…

The Canadian Liver Foundation’s vision is to one day live in a world without liver disease. As a non-profit organization the CLF is committed to informing and educating the general public with the most up to date medical information about liver disease. Their goal is to invest in research about liver disease, which will help to eradicate hepatitis and other liver diseases.

2014 LIVERight Gala…

On Saturday, November 15th, The Canadian Liver Foundation hosted their 11th annual LIVERight Gala, raising over $283,000! Over the past 11 years, the gala has raised over $1 million in the BC/Yukon region that goes towards liver research, liver health education, awareness, patient and family support programs.

This year’s event focused on celebrating the accomplishments that are made possible by the contributions to liver health research and education from the Philanthropic Sector.

  • Scotiabank was recognized for its ongoing generosity and support of liver health
  • Dr. Stephen Ho, Interventional Radiologist, was honored for his outstanding work in the battle against liver cancer
  • Shelby Miller, a 2-time liver transplant survivor and a creator of liver bracelet was honored for her dedication, perseverance, and generosity

Why RLCF supports The Canadian Liver Foundation

As a cancer survivor himself, Bob is committed to funding medical research of all types to better everyone’s quality of life. While his father unfortunately passed away due to cancer, Bob truly believes he was cured because of the advances made through research. As a result, RLCF commits a portion of our annual funding to advancing medical research in a range of different fields. The Canadian Liver Foundation is committed to researching liver disease (including liver cancer), engaging young scientists and educating Canadians on the disease, which we admire. Our new partnership with the CLF includes a donation of $8,000 over two years to fund summer research medical students.

How you can make a difference…

One in 10 Canadians live with liver disease. Research funding is vital to providing answers and hope to fight liver cancer. To learn more about the work of the Canadian Liver Foundation and how you can support it, visit www.liver.ca.

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