A Year in Review: 2019 Annual Letter
A Year in Review: 2019 Annual Letter

The fiscal year 2018 saw us focus on three key questions:

  1.  How might we provide for better lives of children and youth in BC?
  2.  How might we become a better funder?
  3.  What should our next granting theme be?

Question #1

We just closed off year 5 out of a 7-year grant cycle focusing on children and youth. We continue to examine how might we deliver on this intention. In the fiscal year 2018, we contributed nearly $500K towards this cause, with most of the funds being allocated to our four Legacy Grants and one Conconi Challenge. We continue to expand our national funder collaborations and advocacy work. Examples include A Way Home Funders Collective (Homeless Youth), and recently joined Mental Health Funders Affinity Group (Youth Mental Health).

Question #2

The fiscal year 2018, has also been a year of reflection, allowing us to pause in order to seek and (hopefully) gain some perspective. We’ve updated our granting practice and anchored our work with an organizational Manifesto. Perhaps the most interesting work continues to be in Social R&DGrounded Space, a pilot of Canada’s first R&D collective has provided rich insights into the minds of funders, nonprofits, and the ultimate clients.

Question #3

The insights from our internal reflection and gathered through collaborating with Grounded Space helped guide our decision-making process when deciding on our next granting theme. In its broad strokes version, we settled on bettering the quality of life for BC’s aging population. We look forward to spending the next 18 months further developing this theme.

As always, we appreciate your thoughts and comments on our work and direction we are headed in. If you’d like to collaborate with us or have feedback to share, please feel free to reach out.

All our best,

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