Sanja Simic

Executive Director

Sanja Simic is the Executive Director at the Conconi Family Foundation. She comes from the world of finance and integrates elements of finance and philanthropy into a hybrid operating model. Sanja believes that the role of philanthropy fills gaps in our current funding system, sparks social innovation and as a result changes the landscape of our society to be more resilient and thriving.

Under Sanja’s leadership, the Conconi Family Foundation supports a number of new, transformational projects and companies by providing the “first money in” as well as guidance and additional lift-off supports. Early investments were made in health and social tech companies, innovative medical research, new human-centered healthcare model, and an exploration into Social R&D infrastructure.

Sanja’s vision for philanthropy is active rather than passive and a verb rather than a noun. Her leadership drives the Conconi Family Foundation’s work to be open and transparent, grounded in data, deepened by partnerships and scaled through systems change. This positions the Foundation as a leader in shaping a new model of Engaged Philanthropy for the 21st Century. Creating a future that is more equitable.