5 Key Takeaways from our Weekend in Victoria

Left to right: Dr. Brad Nelson BCCA (Director and Distinguished Scientist) - Victoria, Sanja Simic RLCF Executive Director, Dr. Rob Holt BCCA (Head of Sequencing, Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre) - Vancouver

This past weekend our Executive Director, Sanja, went to Victoria to attend the 9th annual Jingle Mingle hosted by the BC Cancer Foundation, and tour the Deeley Research Centre, which will house the new Conconi Family Immunotherapy Lab. During our…


RLCF’s Top 5 Nonprofit Resources

The charitable landscape in Canada is constantly evolving. At RLCF, we use many resources to ensure we’re up-to-date on non-profit news, strategy and innovation. Today, we are sharing 5 of the resources we love! Philanthropic Foundations Canada Even before officially…